Rugby League Business Network Kicks Off!

Yesterday (July 14) in a packed room in the Houses of Parliament, members of the newly-created Rugby League Business Network gathered for their Kick-Off Reception.

The Rugby League Business Network is designed to bring people together through their shared passion for rugby league and to provide opportunities for business and professional development. It will also work to bring new businesses into the sport.

The Kick-Off Reception was the body’s first major event and was oversubscribed several days before.

Speaking at the reception, network founder Mark Ramsdale said “we’re thrilled at the level of interest the network has generated. We launched only a few weeks ago and we’ve been joined by hundreds of people who are passionate about the game and see opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, network and – ultimately – do business together.”

Of those hundreds of members, the most represented industry sectors are finance and legal and the most frequent role title is director. Clubs at all levels and from all over the world are supported by the network’s members.

Ramsdale encouraged those at the reception to join up, saying: “The power of networks like these lies with the membership; the more members within the network, the more opportunities are created for people and organisations and the more we can do to support businesses and the sport. I ask people to invite their friends and colleagues to sign up and all our members tell us what they want to see.”

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